NEPCon’s mission is to build capacity and commitment for mainstreaming sustainability.

We do not discriminate between clients and partners. We offer our services to all interested parties which operate within the scope of NEPCon’s competence and accreditation - regardless of size, geographical location or membership of associations, groups, etc.

However, being a mission-driven organisation, we aim to align all our activities with our mission and reserve the right not to work with or be associated with companies whose activities are in direct and serious violation of the requirements below. 


What we ask for 

We expect all of our partners and clients to commit to the following basic requirements. The organisation:

1.    Observes due diligence to avoid trading of any products that have been harvested or processed in violation of applicable national legislation in the country of harvest or extraction.

2.    Does not engage in, or benefit from bribery and corruption.

3.    Does not engage in, or benefit from, the worst forms of child labour, or any form of forced labour, including bonded labour, forced prison labour, slavery, servitude, or human trafficking.

4.    Does not engage in or support discrimination on the basis of race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, caste, national or social origin, property, birth, union affiliation, sexual orientation, health status, family responsibilities, age, disability or other distinguishing characteristics.

5.    Offers its workers a safe and healthy working environment, including, but not limited to, protection from fire, noise, accidents and toxic substances. Adequate health and safety policies and procedures are established and followed. 

6.    Strives to minimise the adverse environmental impacts of its activities, products and services through a proactive approach and responsible management of its environmental aspects (including, but not limited to):

     a) Use of scarce natural resources, such as fuels and water.
     b) Emissions to air and releases to water.
     c) Noise, odour and CO2 emission.
     d) Potential and actual soil contamination.
     e) Handling of hazardous substances.
     f)  Handling of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes.

7.    Maintains awareness of current environmental legislative requirements, relevant to the environmental impacts of its activities, products and services and ensures legal compliance through training, awareness, operational control and monitoring.

8.    Observes due care to ensure that its suppliers are observing the minimum requirements laid down in points 1 to 7 above. The organisation will discontinue relationship with its suppliers in case of major or continuous violation of the requirements.


NEPCon reserves the right to dissociate from organisations, which are in direct and serious contradiction to the above-described principles.



Approved by

Peter Feilberg, Executive Director
13 April 2016